Millard Manufacturing, Custom Food Processing Equipment

    Millard Manufacturing Corporation is a stainless steel fabricator specializing in custom machinery and equipment for industrial food processing plants. We design, build, and install a wide range of quality equipment from simple drip pans to sanitary conveyors to high-speed filling systems to a complete cut floor with multiple de-boning lines. We have over 40 years of experience cooperatively working with our customers nationwide from small operations to large corporations to maximize yields while maintaining high Safety & Sanitary Design Standards.

    Our Core Industries...

    Pork Processors, Beef Processors, Canned Operations, Fresh & Frozen Food Operations, Poultry Processors, Industrial and others.

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    First time visitors should start with our 3-minute introductory movie and the About Us page. From the home page...

    1. Click on your industry
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    *Note that the top of every page contains links to our Case Studies, our Food Safety standards, and our Library as well as contact information.

    Our Mission...

    Millard Manufacturing Corporation is committed to providing products and services which meet our customer's expectations in a timely fashion while serving our employees, vendors, and communities in an environment where all people are treated fairly, with integrity, respect, and consideration of economic benefit for all.