MMC Pork Processing Equipment

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Millard Manufacturing Corp. designs, builds, and installs custom meat packing and processing equipment to meet the needs of companies in the Pork Processing Industry. Millard has experience fabricating equipment for a wide range of operations from the Harvest Floor area all the way through the Rendering area, and we support our equipment with easy-to-order replacement parts. We use the latest Food Safety and Sanitary Design Standards in our design and fabrication processes to produce hygienic products while implementing ergonomic and personnel safety features. For more details on our equipment, click on one of the operation links above or browse the equipment listing below.

Why use Millard Manufacturing for your Pork Processing Equipment?


We build a wide range of custom equipment for the following Pork Processing areas: Harvest Floor, Cut Floor, Further Processing, Pack Off, and Rendering. We also produce and supply Overhead Conveyor equipment.


Here is a sampling of equipment we have built for this Industry...

4" Roller I Beam Overhead Conveyor 6" Roller I Beam Overhead Conveyor
Bagging Stations Belly Press Belly Roller
Belt Conveyors Pack Off Bleed and Scald Conveyor System Box Packing Stations
Catwalks & Mezzanines Chill Tanks Creeper or Accumulation Conveyor
Drive Assemblies (Complete) Drop Finger Slider Conveyor Ductwork
Engineering Support Equipment Stands & Bases Gambrel Table
Gravity Style Overhead Rail Systems Ham Pace Line Equipment Ham Tumbler or Ham Conditioner
Hog Chutes Hog Head Spike Conveyor Hog Head Workup Table
Hog Jaw & Snout Puller Hog Predryer / Hog Dryer / Hog Polisher Hog Singer
Hog Viscera Inspection Table w/optional moving top platform Holding Hoppers Hydraulic Barrel Dumper
Hydraulic Combo Dumper Hydraulic Vat Dumper Intestine Workup Trough
Intralox ARB (Activated Roller Belt) Conveyors Jowl Line Equipment Jowl Press
Lazy Susans Live Bottom Screw Conveyors Loin Saddle Conveyor
Main Breakup Table and Main Line Equipment Metal Detector Conveyor Pork Belly Line Equipment
Pork Loin Line Equipment Pork Shoulder Line Equipment Salt Table for Intestines
Saws Scald Tub Screw Conveyors
Shackle Table Side Finger Conveyor Smoked Belly Press
SS Screw Conveyors SS Vat Storage Racks Stack Rail System
Stationary Work Tables Storage Bins Support Products - Overhead Conveyor
Tray Pack Conveyor w/Tray Stations UHMW Screw Conveyors Volumetric Screw Hoppers
V-Restrainer Walking Beam Cooler Systems